Via Domo® is a German manufacturer and prototype designer of tailor-made polyurethane molds for the global wetcast industry.

Working closely together with customers, Via Domo® creates drafts from the initial ideas, develops prototypes and finally manufactures the molds used for wetcast production.

We ensure innovative product developments by many years of experience with high-quality materials, unique ideas and collaboration with designer, concrete specialists and product managers of our Wetcast System partners.

This enables us to show the opportunities of Wetcast Systems to our customers and let them manufacture products that become the bestsellers of tomorrow.


• Unique patented cone mixer type „KKM“
• For all types of concrete and other mixtures
• Partial batches of 10-15% without loss of quality
• Fast, complete emptying and rapid mixer cleaning

• Concrete testing, concrete optimization and recipe creation (BPB®)
• REMEI® is a specialist for colouring and special surface properties
• Protection systems for concrete surfaces (
• Care products and release agents for wetcast molds

• Turnkey concrete transport Systems ( )
• Bucket conveyors, vertica stations, industrial trucks and accessories
• Concrete distributors with various discharge systems (screw, rotary feeder, etc.)
• Dosing/filling units (volume, weight, time) for SCC, UHPC etc.

• Dosing equipment for powder pigments and granulates
• Exact additive dosing of mixing colors
• Versatile, high-precision dosing of concrete admixtures
• Supplier of weighing systems, dosing cylinders and pumps