Via Domo® Smart Precast Mats


NEW! Via Domo® Smart Precast Mats

Thinner, faster, cheaper...

At Via Domo® we have been developing a special high-performance polymer.
We are constantly refining our process and today we can manufacture individual structures and unique surfaces, resulting in mats 2 mm thin.

A fully automated process technology allows a consistent thickness of the mats.

Possible sizes:
square shape: 2 x 2 m
rectangular shape: 2,6 x 1,5 m

Our prototyping enables us to manufacture exclusive surfaces and structures, which can be fine rough structures, bold reliefs, or natural stone surfaces.
Using our CAD technology and a special laser technology we can even manufacture mats with cut out logos.

Any structures even within the precast concrete parts or special components can be done fast and confidential.

After the prototyping phase the structured mats can be manufactured within a few days.


To complete the innovation Via Domo® developed a unique frame system for the Via Domo® Smart Precast Mats - Everything is possible!

Create any conicity, fase, radius or spacer you want, in connection with our new Smart Precast Mats. 

Fixing of the Smart Precast Mats to the production table

We recommend a use of two-component gluing systems, which can be adjusted to your production methods individually.

  • Very strong gluing systems for a durable adhesion
  • Removable and reusable gluing system

The gluing system can be purchased from Via Domo®.
Alternatively, the mats can be stretched over the production table.


Examples of possible surfaces: