Via Domo® celebrates it`s 15th birthday!

Via Domo® celebrates it`s 15th birthday!

  • A manufacturer of polyurethane and silicone molds for 15 years

  • For 15 years Via Domo® supplies the pioneers of the wet cast industry worldwide

  • Great experiences in exclusive and innovative development of products for the wet cast industry

  • Launch of the new reinforced mould generation `Smart Wetcast Moulds` in 2015

  • Introduction of our unique `Smart Precast Mats and Moulds` in 2016


When Via Domo® was created, wet cast products were exclusively available on the traditional English market. From early on, we started to go down completely new paths and started to use new technologies. Next to natural stone patterns, a number of self-made or artificial surfaces were also utilized. When one of our teams traveled to Como (Italy), in order to cast originally arranged old plates, even the traffic was stopped for Via Domo®. Subsequently, we developed our Laveno series – an unmistakable series with history.
We were lucky enough to have had two conservators for prototyping from the beginning. Therefore Via Domo® has been able to offer not only the manual skills but also extensive feel and knowledge regarding design and beauty.


Our clients, who are pioneers of the wet cast industry, utilize the possibilities of our exclusive product development offers. We can create excellent products within a few weeks and in close consultation, which subsequently achieve a quick market success. This enables us to create new product series, which are suitable for the target audience. Since 2014, we have used the Smart Wet Cast Package, so that you

  • can increase sales

  • win new long-term clients

  • increase the purchase probability of your clients 


There are only a few experienced wet cast specialists. With Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Höppe und Dipl.-Ing. Sylvain Adam, we have two excellent specialists, who support our clients in all wet cast production matters. With GRACE, we have secured another worldwide supplier of release agents and concrete additives as our partner. Further polyurethane developments are being tested in close collaboration with GRACE.
Our suppliers are all from the innovative region of the Alb-Danube (Baden-Württemberg), which is one of the most innovative regions in the world.