Travertine is one of the most laid terrace flagstones. In its original state, the colour spectrum ranges from yellow through to brown. An aesthetic silvery grey, for example, lends a very classy feel to its surroundings. Whether laid in a driveway or in spa facilities, to name just two areas of application.



396 x 196 x 45 mm                     

396 x 396 x 45 mm                      

446 x 296 x 45 mm                     

446 x 446 x 45 mm                   

596 x 296 x 45 mm                     

596 x 396 x 45 mm                    

596 x 446 x 45 mm                    

596 x 596 x 45 mm          


Examples of surfaces

On request, we will send you a link with pictures of all surfaces to choose from.

We can provide you with supporting production boxes made of wood or metal.

Individual solutions e.g. gang-molds, etc. are also possible.



The result