Our Strengths



We have the keys to ensure a remarkable success of your future wet-cast products:

  • Unique methods of product development.
  • Market analyses (Emotional Positioning Radar by Via Domo®). 
  • Proven design skills through our Tokusei® brand (e.g. exclusively structured wall panels for shop fittings all over the world).
  • We bring our global customer base together to solve specific questions or to take on products (we make 90% of our turnover outside Germany).


  • We offer great flexibility during the product test phase, which enables exceptionally fast implementation within just a few weeks, even from the first prototypes.
  • We can draw on a multitude of successful wet-cast product series that can be adapted to your needs or resized at any time.
  • Via Domo® has exclusive access to proven specialists and prestigious companies from whom you, too, can benefit.
  • We know the trends and set trends in selected markets.
  • Our employees and the Rimmele family have gained expertise and experience in materials, technologies, design applications and prototyping methods over the course of several decades.
  • We speak all languages of business and maintain representative offices in a number of countries.


  • We deploy the most up-to-date methods in prototyping or in visualisation with photo-realistic surfaces and are able to provide valuable inspiration during the prototyping phase. Your individual designs are created in this way.
  • We have developed a completely new type of release agent, our Rapid React 30/60, which is particularly characterised by its fast cross-linking time of 30 seconds and by its low aggressiveness towards polyurethane.
  • Our carefully selected suppliers deploy ultra-modern machinery and are all based in the Ulm or the Alb-Donau-Kreis district, the leading region for innovation in southern Germany. All products are 'Made in Germany'.
  • The polyurethane we use has been subject to extensive testing. Its mechanical data and resistance to chemicals make it a leader in the field.
  • We undertake product development – from the market analysis through to the product launch - at a fixed price with our 'Smart Wet-Cast Package'. Naturally in close consultation with you. This procedure leads to a significantly greater likelihood of purchase.
  • Last but not least, we have been able to develop a new mould technology for our Smart Wet-Cast Moulds – supported by public development funds – and have since launched this onto the market. This can save you costs of between 30 - 50% and the moulds can be delivered very quickly.