Smart Wetcast


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Via Domo® Smart Wetcast - Reinforced Polyurethane Molds

Our patented reinforced Polyurethane Molds ensure an optimal dimensional stability. Nevertheless, the molds are flexible enough also for a manual demoulding. Furthermore, changes in the dimensions of the molds can be prevented.

In our Via Domo® Smart Wetcast series we distinguish between two types: 


Via Domo®Smart Wetcast Mold Typ S

  • For the first time worldwide the walls of the mold are reinforced with special high-quality slats (18-24 mm Width).
  • We integrated a glass fiber fabric into the bottom of the molds. Therefore a subsequent shrinking / growing of the polyurethane can be prevented. 
  • Smart Wetcast Mold Type S is a selfstanding mold - production boxes are not required. 
  • We can manufacture single or multiple molds, depending on the size of your production board
  • The handling in the production becomes a lot easier, because of the lower weight of the molds and the no longer required production boxes.

Via Domo®Smart Wetcast Mold Typ L

  • For the first time worldwide the walls of the mold are reinforced with integrated special high-quality slats (5 mm Width).
  • The type L mold requires production frames- or boxes. 
  • Undercuts are possible, as with the conventional molds. The molds remain elastic  as usual. 

Concrete products cast in polyurethane moulds have a high accuracy of detail and great depth of structure. The now much reduced investment costs make the "Via Domo® smart wet-cast" moulds a very realistic alternative. "Via Domo®  Smart Wetcast" moulds are not irreparably damaged under mechanical stress, nor can they be rendered useless by any sharp edges after just a couple of mould removal processes.

  •  Via Domo® does not demand minimum order quantities. Even small batches can be supplied quickly thanks to the great flexibility in prototyping and in mould making.

  •  License agreements are not common practice at Via Domo®. The modern prototyping methods deployed by Via Domo® mean that over 90 % of all orders today concern exclusive developments.

  •  Depending on the format, the slim walls sometimes allow more moulds to be fitted onto a production board.

  •  Adaptations to particular operating circumstances are usually feasible. For example, these could involve changes on the injection edge, the addition of "anchors" for fastening to the production board, etc.


What can concrete product manufacturers now expect in the future? In view of the benefits mentioned above, it should be easier to develop and launch new products in well under a year. The initial feedback from customers can provide valuable insights. The flexible prototyping methods employed at Via Domo® enable adaptations or additions to be made quickly. Companies from all sectors of industry consciously differentiate themselves nowadays in matters of design. The customers of manufacturers of concrete products will likewise expect special products with an exceptional design and at an acceptable price as a matter of course. It is precisely the flexibility of the services and technologies offered by Via Domo® that now enable individual product ranges to be created and clearly differentiated from those of the competition.

Last but not least, the first appreciable quantities of the innovative moulds in the "Via Domo® Smart Wetcast" series can be delivered just 1-2 weeks after prototyping has been completed. These benefits offer a great opportunity to manufacturers of concrete products to make a lasting impression on their customers during unusual projects with their design skills and speed of reaction. We are likely to see a great deal more agility in the product ranges of many companys. It just remains to be mentioned that this new mould technology has been subsidised by public development funds and that the patent is pending.