Our Polyurethane


We obtain our polyurethane from a global leader who has 40 years of experience in the concrete industry.

Moreover, it has properties that play a significant role for Wetcast molds: with our polyurethane we are able to reproduce smallest details. An excellent dynamic behavior, outstanding toughness and a high resistance to the attack of chemicals distinguish this polyurethane. In particular, the dimensional stability of our molds is maintained by this polyurethane for a long time (very low shrinkage).

Values of tear resistance or ultimate elongation always achieve a very high level. The thermal expansion is comparatively very low.

Our polyurethane was intensively applied and examined for its behavior with additives and different release agents. No other known to us and supposedly suitable polyurethane has achieved the same results of these laboratory tests.

Nevertheless: additives or concrete admixtures, release agents or cleaning agents, etc., may damage polyurethane mold in some circumstances. In particular it may lead to dimensional changes and damage of the surface. It is recommended to check the substances for compatibility before using the molds. Therefore we provide our customers with special specimen and a list of best additives and release agents. Furthermore Via Domo® supports its customers with its facilities and further recommendations.