Our Philosophy

Manufacturers of wet-cast products are always on the lookout for new paving slabs, wall panels and accessories with modern designs that promise success. Working together closely with its customers, Via Domo® creates drafts from the initial ideas, makes prototypes and finally fabricates the moulds used for production. New, outstanding product developments are ensured by the many years of experience that the Rimmele family and the workforce at Via Domo® have accumulated with materials, research and development work and also with the challenges faced by the construction sector and industrial enterprises.


In the past, wet-cast products – particularly those in the British tradition - have often been rustic in style, small in format and designed with no specific target group in mind. Via Domo® has adopted a new philosophy in this context. Market-oriented prototyping creates a new generation of products. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with designers, concrete experts and the product managers of the firms in question, we contribute our know-how and flair for design. We approach new projects with curiosity and passion and cast the created visions as first prototypes. This enables our customers to manufacture products that become the best-sellers of tomorrow.