New Possibilities with Tivoli Travertine

The Tivoli Travertine is a white freshwater limestone and it is found in the region called Tivoli near Rome. Because of its esthetic effect, this Travertine has been very popular and appreciated by builders and architects for many thousands of years. As a result of the small distance between the city of Rome and the stone quarry in Tivoli, the Tivoli Travertine became the most commonly used stone by the ancient Romans. Famous structures constructed with Tivoli Travertine include the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the colonnade of Saint Peter's Basilica, and many Roman churches and aqueducts. In our century Tivoli Travertine is experiencing a worldwide renaissance! 

Many architects and builders employ nowadays the travertine from the same Tivoli quarries which had been used in the ancient Rome. Modern buildings as for example the Lincoln Center in New York or the Getty Center in Los Angeles are faced with travertine stones combined with some modern building aterials like aluminum or glass. Especially in such modern architecture you can see the multifacetedness of this unique surface.

In the last months we have noticed an increasing demand for polyurethane molds based on the travertine surface. Via Domo® uses the original Tivoli Travertine stones as masters for the product development of its customers. Beside paving tiles there is a plenty of other concrete products which are very popular as for example pool edgers, caps, veneers or pillars.