Via Domo® is a German manufacturer and prototype designer of tailor-made polyurethane molds for the global wetcast industry.
The concrete industry trusts Via Domo® because we deliver polyurethane molds to the revenue-makers of tomorrow and we guard our customer's designs intensely. Intricate synthesis of existing materials as well as highly modern designs are developed in very close cooperation with our clients. Hundreds of wetcast customers worldwide entrust Via Domo® with their newest designs and "crown Jewels". We develop the polyurethane molds for their exceptional product designs.

NEW! Via Domo® Smart Precast Mats

Via Domo® Stone Series
incl. surface structures, sizes and prices

Laveno (limestone slab)
Montana (sandstone-slate)
Minoika (claystone slab)
Ardoise (claystone slate)
Forum Romanum (limestone slab)
Woodstock (rustic wood)
Pool edger (Travertin)
Pool edger (rough surface)
Laveno seating area
Montana Octagon seating area
Roug surface slab
Smooth surface slab

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NEW! Via Domo® Smart Precast Mats

NEW! Via Domo® Smart Precast Mats

At Via Domo® we have been developing a special high-performance polymer. We are constantly refining our process and today we can develop individual structures and unique surfaces, resulting in mats 2 mm thin.
A fully automated process technology allows a consistent thickness of the mats.

Possible sizes:
square shape: 2 x 2 m
rectangular shape: 2,6 x 1,5 m

Our prototyping enables us to manufacture exclusive surfaces and structures, which can be fine rough structures, bold reliefs, or natural stone surfaces.
Using our CAD technology and a special laser technology we can even manufacture mats with cut out logos.

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Did we inspire your interest?<br>Call us at <br>+49 (0) 7391 5875780</br>or complete this contact form:

Did we inspire your interest?
Call us at
+49 (0) 7391 5875780
or complete this contact form:

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Our strengths - Your advantages!

  • Use of high-quality materials "Made in Germany"

    -> excellent, consistently tested and for years reliable polyurethane

  • Our patent pending molds ensure an optimal dimensional stability

  • Innovative and customized Design

  • State-of-the-art CAD-based prototyping (Milling, manual modeling and many other unique methods) 

  • Quick communication during the development phase

  • Absolute secrecy of all developments
  • Many years of experience in the wetcast industry and mold making
  • Large storage area for systematic storage of the prototypes (1200 m²)
  • System partnership with leading German companies as `Your Wetcast Partners`
  • Wide range of stone series, which is complemented constantly

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